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The Best Restaurants in San Antonio Get Ready for the Holiday River Parade

By September 15, 2019No Comments

The best restaurants in San Antonio are getting ready for the Ford Holiday River Parade.

Lighting of the River Holiday Parade

Start with dinner in our dining room and then see the parade that kicks off the holidays for San Antonio!

What’s included?  Just about everything!  We’ve put together a 3 course prix fixe dinner.  The first two courses you will enjoy in our main dining room before the parade. Close to the start of parade you will take a box of desserts to enjoy at your reserved riverside parade seat. Gratuity and tax are also included in the $98 price tag.  Coffee and tea is included, all other drinks or additional items will be billed, based on consumption, before the parade starts.

Kids 12 and under will choose from the Biga kids’ menu as well as a box of treats to enjoy riverside.  Timing is important for this package.  The parade starts at 6pm so seating for the pre-parade dinner will be limited to 5pm, 5:15PM and 5:30pm.  All reservations with parade packages purchased will be expected to vacate the dining room and occupy their parade seats no later than 7pm.

Wondering what to expect to be on the menu?  As with all menus at Biga, it is a work in progress and could change a little before parade night.  Here is how it is shaping up so far..

Holiday River Parade-Friday, November 29th, 2019

Enjoy a pre-parade dinner in the dining room and then a seat on the parade route after dinner.

Adults $98. Kids 12 and under $60.

First course:  (choice of…)

Shrimp campechana with avocado

Chicken fried Texas quail with pickled celery

Game packet spring rolls with Asian chili sauces

Massaged kale and Crisp Brussels, cranberries, Parmesan croutons

Second course:  (choice of…)

Seared duck breast with pomegranate molasses

Grilled beef tenderloin, winter vegetables and blue cheese

Baked Red American snapper, orange ginger butter

Once you’ve enjoyed your second course, it is time to move to your parade seat.  Don’t worry, we won’t send you empty handed.  Your dessert will be packed in a treat box so you will have something sweet to snack on during the parade.

Kids: 12 and under (includes a box of sweets for during the parade)

-Turkey and cheese quesadillas with fruit & fries

-Beef, mashed potatoes, green vegetable

-Chicken fingers, fries and fruit

-Pasta, alfredo or marinara with chicken, turkey or shrimp

Seating options will be 5pm, 5:15pm and 5:30pm. Be sure to arrive on time so you’ll have time to enjoy dinner, we expect everyone in your party to vacate the dining room table no later than 7pm to accommodate other reservations later that night.  After purchasing tickets for the parade, we will contact you within a few days to confirm your arrival time.

*This is a nonrefundable event.  If the parade is cancelled for a reason beyond our control, we hope you will still enjoy dinner with us.*

Parade start time is 6pm and is expected in our area about 6:45pm.

Valid for dinner seatings between 5:00pm – 5:30pm.

If a parade seat isn’t important to you, we’ll be accepting reservations 7pm and later for those that like the idea of the parade but are more focused on a great restaurant experience.  Of course, if the parade is still on your mind, we’ll have our balcony open to all guests who want to catch a glimpse of the dolled up barges on the river level.

Don’t forget…Parade nights make getting in and out of the downtown area tricky.  We do not have valet or any parking options available this night. Ride services like Uber and Lyft are probably the best way to navigate your way to Biga.