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San Antonio’s Premier Group Friendly Restaurant on the Riverwalk

Welcome to the ultimate group friendly restaurant in San Antonio, where our Riverwalk restaurant excels in hosting events of all sizes. From corporate functions to wedding festivities and large social gatherings, we offer an unforgettable experience in a stunning setting that caters to the needs of groups large and small.

Our private rooms can accommodate seated 10 to 230 and reception style 25 to 400.

Corporate Gatherings: Seamless and Sophisticated

Professional Elegance on the Riverwalk Elevate your corporate events with our sophisticated dining solutions. Our restaurant is fully equipped to host meetings, conferences, and team-building events, offering private rooms with scenic views of the Riverwalk. Enjoy a blend of professional service and a menu that can be tailored to suit the tastes of your team, ensuring a productive and memorable gathering.

Biga Company Holiday Party Venue

Weddings and Celebrations: Love and Elegance Interwoven
Romantic Settings for Your Big Day Celebrate your love story against the backdrop of the picturesque Riverwalk. Our restaurant specializes in making wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners magical with customized menus, dedicated event planning, and a romantic atmosphere. Let us help you create a day filled with love, beauty, and unforgettable moments.

Large Group Events: Tailored and Memorable
Accommodating Every Occasion Whether it’s a family reunion, a social club meeting, or a large friend gathering, our restaurant is the go-to spot on the Riverwalk for any large group event. With flexible space options and customizable dining experiences, we ensure your event is exactly as you envisioned, making every gathering a special occasion.

Our commitment to excellence makes us the preferred group-friendly restaurant in San Antonio. With a focus on accommodating the unique needs of each group, combined with our culinary expertise and the breathtaking Riverwalk setting, we guarantee an exceptional dining experience. Book your next group event with us and discover the perfect blend of atmosphere, flavor, and personalized service.