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Riverwalk Fine Dining

San Antonio RiverWalk Restaurants Get in Gear for Fiesta

By April 7, 2015No Comments
San Antonio Riverwalk Restaurants like Biga on the Banks are a great destination during Fiesta.  Biga on the Banks’s location has many different options for the city’s biggest party.
Some of our guests use Biga as a meeting place, having a drink with friends before going to NIOSA.  Others see us as more of a getaway from the parade crowds having a quick bite on the terrace before re-joining the festivities.  Then there are those going to shows like Cornyation, enjoying a full dinner and valet parking*.  Afraid your fiesta attire will clash with our dress code?  No worries, you probably won’t be the only one in a costume!
No matter if you stop in before an event or if Biga is your event, we’ll get you in the Fiesta mood.
Two Different Ways to Enjoy the Texas Cavaliers River Parade
One event that Biga holds dear is the River Parade.  Sponsored by the Texas Cavaliers, this parade doesn’t only give grown men an excuse to dress in red and blue uniforms, it raises money for charities focusing on children in need.  Sounds noble, but who are we kidding?  It is Fiesta’s biggest party and we have a couple of different vantage points for you to choose from.
River Level
For the first time ever Biga is offering a package that will ramp up your Fiesta for sure.  That’s right, for only $80 you will have your very own seat for the parade plus access to Fiesta themed food stations on the river level.  Parade libations will be available for cash purchase.The Texas Cavaliers River Parade starts about 7:30pm on April 20th.  Because we have a limited amount of seats a pre-paid ticket is the only way to ensure your place.  Interested?  Call now and secure your tickets.  Call Perny or Teresa at (210)225-0722 MondayFriday before 5pm.

The non-refundable $80 ticket price includes food, parade seat, tax, & service/gratuity.  No entry will be possible without a ticket (children of any age must have their own ticket).

Restaurant Level
Because of our location, Biga has the best thing going on the parade route. Not only is there a balcony for all of our guests to have a fantastic view of the floating parade but we’ll have great food too. Think of Biga as your refuge from the crowded river banks lined with folding chairs, strollers and people with tall hats that obstruct your view.If a parade seat is what you are looking for we do have a limited number of parade seats available for $30. These seats are expected to sell out quickly so get to dialing. Call Perny or Teresa at (210)225-0722 MondayFriday before 5pm.

We’ll be offering our regular dinner menu with a few fiesta features thrown in the mix like Gulf fish chalupas with chili salsa.

The Texas Cavaliers River Parade starts about 7:30pm on April 20th. We suggest you secure a reservation in near future. Keep in mind that it is a parade night. Everyone wants a window table, it is just not possible for us to guarantee any particular table placement for this night.

If you are thinking to have a more casual experience, the Biga bar is great for cocktails and offers the full menu as well.  Bar seating will be available on a first come first serve basis.
*During Fiesta we try to offer valet service for $12 to our guests. While most of the time valet service is available, from time to time SAPD does commandeer our valet lane to use it as they see fit. When this happens valet service may be unavailable. Unfortunately, this is out of our control and rarely happens for an extended period of time.