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Old Friends and New Friends Praise Biga as one of the “Best Restaurants in San Antonio”.

By July 21, 2023No Comments

A lot of people have referred to us as one of the “Best Restaurants in San Antonio”.

We love to know that our guests enjoy what we have to offer.  But, let’s be clear, words like “best” and “favorite” are good to hear, we would never declare ourselves in such a way.  We are just glad that others feel that way and want to share some of the comments that we are so flattered to get…

Kristi and Suzanne have been dining at Biga since the early nineties when they were in their twenties.  After moving out of state, one in Florida and the other in Washington state, they often choose San Antonio to reunite.  Both say that Biga is one of best restaurants in San Antonio and love th

e opportunity to have a great meal as they trade stories that keep them laughing whenever they are together.



Funny enough, people visiting San Antonio for the first time discover Biga and become instant fans.  Recently, we had some first timers that WE have been fans of for some time!

best restaurants in San Antonio

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the movie Grease some of the original cast found their way to Biga and we were star struck.  Our dining room had 2 Pink Ladies(Didi Conn, Jamie Donnely), 3 T-Birds (Barry Pearl, Michael Tucci and Kelly Ward) and director,
Randal Kleiser of the 1978 film.

They were the nicest group of people and openly shared how much they enjoyed one of San Antoinio’s Best Restaurants.

Didi Conn-(Frenchy, Pink Lady, Beauty School Drop Out) “We love this restaurant!”

Jamie Donnely-(Jan, Pink Lady, “Brusha, brusha, brusha”) “Wow!  Loved eating at your place! Yum!

Michael Tucci- (Sonny, T-Bird) “Grease is NOT the word, your food is!”

Kelly Ward-(Putzie, T-Bird) “Wow-What a way to cap our visit to San Antoinio!  What food!