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Go Texan at Biga on the Banks the Whole Month of July

By July 22, 2015No Comments

You may be surprised to know there are almost a quarter of a million farms in the great state of Texas?  This is good news for chefs.  After all, chefs want to know that food is raised with the same great care before it arrives at the restaurant as the care it receives once chefs start to work their magic.

Texas may be known for cattle, but we have way more than livestock.  Sweet beets, oats, nuts, greens and citrus are just a few things that Texans enjoy at restaurants and on their own kitchens.

The “Go Texan Restaurant Round-Up” has enlisted markets and restaurants to feature Texas foods the entire month of July.  While Biga has always supported our local farms, we are especially happy to participate with the Go Texan Restaurant Round Up as it is benefiting Food Banks statewide.

Check out the Go Texan website for information on local products and a list of all the businesses participating in the Go Texan Restaurant Round-Up.  While you are there, be sure to take a gander at some of the great recipes that help you put Texas ingredients on you own table.