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Riverwalk Fine Dining

Fiesta at Your Favorite RiverWalk Restaurants

By April 21, 2015No Comments

As one of your favorite RiverWalk restaurants, Biga on the Banks is a great destination during Fiesta.  Biga on the Banks’s location has many different uses for the city’s biggest party.

Some of our guests use Biga as a meeting place, having a drink with friends before going to NIOSA.  Others see us as more of a getaway from the parade crowds having a quick bite on the terrace before re-joining the festivities.  Then there are those going to shows like Cornyation, enjoying a full dinner and valet parking*.  (Afraid your fiesta attire will clash with our dress code?  No worries, you probably won’t be the only one in a costume!)

No matter if you stop in before an event or if Biga is your event, we’ll get you in the Fiesta mood.