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Biga is Your RiverWalk Restaurant for Fiesta!

By April 19, 2017No Comments

Fiesta at your favorite RiverWalk Restaurant, Biga on the Banks.

Because we’re a San Antonio RiverWalk Restaurant, Biga on the Banks is a great destination during Fiesta.  Biga has a convenient location with many different uses for the city’s biggest party.

Some of our guests use Biga as a meeting place, having a drink with friends before going to NIOSA.  Others see us as more of a refuge, allowing them to get away from the parade crowds having a quick bite on the terrace before re-joining the festivities.  Then there are those going to shows like Cornyation, enjoying a full dinner and valet parking*.

Whatever your use for Biga is during Fiesta, we’re YOUR RiverWalk Restaurant.

Texas Cavaliers River Parade

One event that Biga holds dear is the River Parade.  Sponsored by the Texas Cavaliers, this parade doesn’t only give grown men an excuse to dress in red and blue uniforms, it raises money for charities focusing on children in need.  Sounds noble, but who are we kidding?  It is Fiesta’s biggest party!

Because of our location, Biga has the best thing going on the parade route.  Not only is there a balcony for all of our guests to have a fantastic view of the floating parade but we’ll have great food too.  Think of Biga as your getaway from the crowded river banks lined with folding chairs, strollers and people with tall hats that obstruct your view. 

We’ll be offering our regular dinner menu with a few fiesta features thrown in the mix like smoked shrimp chalupas with mango chili salsa.

The Texas Cavaliers River Parade starts at dusk on April 24th.  We suggest you secure a reservation in near future or if you are thinking to have a more casual experience, the Biga bar is not only great for cocktails but offers the full menu as well.

*During Fiesta we try to offer valet service for $12 to our guests.  While most of the time valet service is available, from time to time SAPD does commandeer our valet lane to use it as they see fit.  When this happens valet service may be unavailable.  Unfortunately, this is out of our control and rarely happens for an extended period of time.  

For more information on all Fiesta events go to